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We make dog treats. Why? We simply couldn’t find any that checked all of our boxes, so we decided to create our own. 

Max, our beautiful chocolate lab couldn’t get enough of our homemade treats. His favorite flavor is Blueberry Pancake and we think it’s the locally sourced honey we use. Actually, he does love our Apple and Carrot treats as well as our Peanut Butter flavored biscuits too.

Let’s be honest, he loves all of our products, and so will your dog. All the dogs in our neighborhood couldn’t get enough of our baked goodies when we first started. Word spread and pups were talking, or rather barking, all over town. 

Not only did Max and his friends love the taste, we all noticed positive changes in our pet’s energy and overall health and wellness. We knew we had to create something bigger, so we could share our nutritious creations with all of you. 

Sit, Stay, Paw was born. 

 What’s the big deal about dog treats? Aren’t they supposed to be just that? A treat? For humans, a treat usually means something bad for us like ice cream, candy or soda. Why isn’t it the same concept for dogs? Well, as much as we consider our furry friends humans, they are canines. (Don’t let them in on that secret though.)

While treats for dogs should of course be a special and delicious snack they don’t get all the time, it’s still very important to pay attention to the ingredients. Why? Biscuits that may contain harmful ingredients such as hormones, glutens, antibiotics and meat by-products can have a negative impact on your dog’s overall health. Sit, Stay, Paw products don’t contain any of these. 

We’ve worked very closely with veterinary experts to ensure we’re always using the highest quality ingredients for happier and healthier dogs. With a lot of hard work, research and love, we’ve created the ultimate dog biscuit that’s also the best bang for your bark. (We’re here all day).

We invite you to experience what real and nutritious dog treats can do for your pet. 

Welcome to the Sit, Stay, Paw family. We help create happy pets...and happy pet parents.



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